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28th-Oct-2008 03:05 am - Not Everything is Black and White
NIMH never succumbed to darkness. The perpetual, artificial daylight never faltered and where once the night was something to be feared, it was now expressly prayed for by its former victims. Mrs Brisby wished for nighttime. Even when she closed her eyes the blinding whiteness still burned them until she was forced to huddle into the corner of her clanging metal cage in an attempt to find some small wisp of shadow. And, of course, as most things seemed to do in NIMH, the attempt failed.

Though that was not the worst of it. The light, though horribly disorientating, was only the beginning. Next came the noises.

Such terrible, gut-wrenching cries, the sort of which she remembered Nicodemus had once spoken, was the most unspeakable torture, though at first Mrs Brisby wasn't certain why. Was it the suffering of the captives? Those others who had been stuffed into the cages around her, the ones who writhed and moaned in so much agony. Was it that she wanted to relieve their suffering? Yes, in a way, of course she wanted to help them, to stop whatever it was that was causing them so much pain but more than that, it was the constant reminder. Within those agonizing groans there was a promise.

Soon, she would suffer as they suffered.

And it was that, that ever present knowledge that they would come for her. NIMH, which had already robbed her of her family, her husband and her freedom, had not yet finished with her. Mrs Brisby couldn't bring herself to imagine what sorts of horrors awaited her arrival, sitting idly deep within the complex of NIMH.

Mrs Brisby curled tightly into the corner, her paws over her ears and waited for darkness to come.
24th-Feb-2008 12:37 am - Tammy's
Small and insignificant
Thanks so much to  those who nominated Mrs. Brisby at the Tammy's! Her mun greatly appreciates it!
14th-Feb-2008 01:29 pm(no subject)
Small and insignificant
He sent me an everlasting flower.
4th-Feb-2008 02:21 am - Tidbit - A Pet
Small and insignificant
"Mom, don't let the cat in yet! I've caught a mouse!"
"A mouse?"
"Can I keep it? Please, mom? Can I?"
A pet? That was what she was to become? A plaything for a human child? How low on the food chain she must have been, to be considered something so absolutely mundane, to be thought as something less than alive. Simply an object. A child's property.
Mrs. Brisby had never felt quite so small before.
Even a stalking predator made her feel more significant. At least she had a purpose then, even if it was only to be prey. At least she had some importance and given that she had yet to be eaten, she was rather successful at it.
But to be a pet... There was no honour in it. No dignity. Only swift degradation from prey to inferior entertainment.
"Oh, please, mom? Please?"
"Okay, Billy. You can keep it."
The final insult. Consent to disgrace her.
1st-Feb-2008 11:54 pm - For sixwordstories
Small and insignificant

Would I we want him back?

25th-Jan-2008 04:30 pm(no subject)
Reading yellow
We are not vermin, thank you. 
Small and insignificant
Oh, how Jeremy had talked her into this was beyond her! She hated heights and she doubted that subjecting herself to it every so often would help to cure her fear. If anything, she'd guess Jeremy's flying only made it worse.
"Mrs. Bris! Mrs. Bris! Look! You can see the whole farm from here!"
She didn't look, of course. She kept her eyes tightly shut and her face buried in the thick, black fathers. Her hands on the string around his neck were petrified and her feet clawed madly, trying to grip onto something.
"I see, Jeremy," she lied. "Can we go back down now?"
"Aw, but Mrs. B! You haven't even seen the mast yet."
"I don't think I want to see it, Jeremy," she said quickly, shaking her head against the nape of his neck. "Please. Let's go back down."
"Oh, alright, Mrs. B," he sighed, his flapping slowing to a more leisurely pace. "But you gotta open your eyes for this bit. It's fun!"
"I don't know if fun would be the word -"
"Sure it is, Mrs. B! Come on, take a look!"
Unbeknownst to her, his wing speed was depleting rapidly and soon after, their altitude followed. When she did open her eyes it was to the disgusting sense of vertigo, her stomach pushing its way determinedly into her throat. They were nearly vertical, free-falling head first towards the ground.
He crowed madly, his laughter loud in her ears. The ground was coming closer with each desperate second, so fast in fact that Mrs. Brisby didn't think to close her eyes again. All she could do was stare, mouth open in a silent scream as they plummeted downward uncontrollably.
Feet from hitting the ground, Jeremy righted them and flapped for all he was worth until they were flying at a normal pace again.
"Haha! How was that, Mrs. B?"
The nails of her hand dug into his feathers. Eventually, he landed in the field, thudding to an ungraceful halt, tripping over his own feet so that he landed on his beak. She quickly clambered off of him, pale and shaken and walked, without another word, home. Her feet had never been so glad to meet soil. Jeremy, undetered by her silence, followed close behind.
"That was fun! We should do that more often. How about it Mrs. Bris?" He hopped enthusiastically in front of her. "Let's do that again!"
Cooly, despite her shaking hands, she removed her red shawl, rolled it up and thwacked him on the beak.
13th-Jan-2008 07:51 pm - A Great Escape?
"Please! Someone! Help!"

Mrs. Brisby ran as quickly as she was able on her hands and feet, red shawl twisted awkwardly around her shoulders, snagging itself in the brambles. Close behind her was her pursuer. Dragon. His teeth were bared and his claws unsheathed, mismatched eyes locked upon his target.

She didn't look back. She couldn't bring herself to. If she saw how very close she was to death at that moment she might have fainted altogether. She simply kept running, until a heavy paw swiped at her and sent her sprawling.

She skidded roughly across the dirt on her side, feet flailing uselessly as though they still hoped to keep their momentum going. Slamming painfully into a rock, she had just enough time to look up and see a great foaming mouth snarling down at her, yellow fangs glistening. There was no thought on her part. She was running purely on instinct, adrenaline and absolute terror.

Dodging to the left, Dragon slammed his nose into the stone and Mrs. Brisby took the opportunity to dash hurriedly beneath him, back the way they had come. The cat didn't give up. He chased her, growling angrily in his throat, quickly gaining what little ground she had managed to put between them. He batted at her again, this time digging a claw into her hip and sending her tumbling down a small hill. The sound of her piercing squeal mixed with the scent of blood added to his incentive.

She landed headfirst in a muddy puddle, its congealed mass making it even harder to breath. Dragon was upon her before she could free herself from the goop and they both slid with his momentum, her clinging desperately onto the fur of his throat, taking advantage of his brief disorientation.

Dragon shook himself, dislodging his frightened prey, and Mrs. Brisby landed clumsily at his feet, the burning in her side increasing as she put weight on her right leg. He seemed confused for a moment, until he spotted her, cowering and helpless right beneath his nose.

"Someone! Please!"

She watched as though in a nightmare as he raised a thick paw and brought it down upon her, sharp and dirtied claws prepared to rip her to shreds. That was when she made a final dash towards the tree they had landed next to and squeezed into the small hole at its base. She pushed herself deeply into the hollow, hearing Dragon's fury as he scratched fiercely at the bark, trying to dig a claw in after her. He couldn't reach her. She was safe.

Mrs. Brisby curled into an exhausted ball, shivering and filthy, her shawl in dirty tatters, and waited for him to either become bored with his prey or to fall asleep. In either case, it was going to take a while. She did her best to ignore the yellow eye glaring at her through the only exit
11th-Jan-2008 03:48 pm(no subject)
Small and insignificant

Would a kiss be entirely inappropriate?

11th-Jan-2008 03:47 pm(no subject)
Small and insignificant
Nothing is ever simple, is it?
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